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maa hur
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can you tell i’m bored as fuck?
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Prom Dress 2013 [minus the belt] 💕☺
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It’s redder in person but whaddup tumblr! I have red hair.
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Dreamed of para- para- paradise. Every time she closed her eyes 🎶💕
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These are my friends, Jack and Devin :) 
Photo Credz: Liz Bingham
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Icon for Rebecca.

I love it :D
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hi, love me.
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Fuck AP Gov’t, fuck Mrs. Ifversen and her shitty chemistry class. Fuck fucking school.
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Am I cute yet? No? Well i think i am soo stfu. (Taken with Instagram)
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The very first picture of the tumblr husband and wife :P Yea I know, we are super cute. 
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am i pretty yet?
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All ready for the wedding. I am so nervous. What do you think? (Taken with Instagram)
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